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The Businesses

Following the successful POW Digital Camp in Roman Road, Social Streets was commissioned by London Borough of Tower Hamlets to deliver a POW Digital Camp for Whitechapel in Tower Hamlets.

Whitechapel is one of the biggest commercial centres in Tower Hamlets thanks to its six-day per week market, proximity to the City and transport connections. The Whitechapel Vision, connection to Crossrail and the growth of media industries from Aldgate is attracting a new demographic to the area.

The purpose of a digital camp was to ascertain the digital needs of the high street and its businesses, and to provide mentoring and training needed to help local businesses adapt to the changing demographic of the area.

The Mentors

Shhh...con't tell anyone but POW's secret weapon is its mentors. We make sure all the digital mentors taking part are local to the area. They bring a love and knowledge of the neighbourhood that inspires the confidence of local businesses. It also provides local businesses with a network of local digital experts to consult or commission when they are ready to do so.

For #POWWhitechapel we delivered an all day drop-in clinic, 22 one-to-one Social Media MOTs, 2 x three-hour evening workshops, an evening meet-the-mentor networking event, and 44 hours of follow-up mentoring. A huge thank you to our Whitechapel mentors Catharina Talbot-Brown, Dhiren Mistry, Sebastiano Lucchese, Shona SinclairNicole Lyons, Sarah Badcock, and Janna Brom.

The Clinic

During our all-day clinic, our team of local digital mentors provided hour-long Social Media MOTs to 22 local businesses. They helped Whitechapel businesses optimise and open new social media platforms.

The Workshops

Our workshops were held at the Idea Store Whitechapel. Seven businesses attended our Professional Websites on a Budget workshop, and 22 local businesses attended our Social Media for Improvers with Facebook Ads Masterclass workshop.

The Meetup

Businesses involved in the camp were invited to our Meetup evening at local restaurant Melt, where they were paired with local digital mentors who offered over 44 hours of one-to-one mentoring in the following weeks.


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The Crepe Shop is a small local business and to grow, I realised that marketing is the main factor to increase your business. As we have a very small team, we don't always have the man power or most importantly the finance to get everything done. POW walked in to our shop and has made a big change. The free support we got managed to increase our knowledge in how to market our product as well as reaching those right customers we are after. We have many young staff come and go who are able to learn new skills. Thanks to POW, I have the knowledge to start my own home business now and would like to learn more from POW to further increase those skills. 
Shamsu Uddin  The Crepe Shop & Art Cafe Manage

Ever since the first POW workshop I've been recommending it to all the local business owners I know, as without it, for sure my Google SEO results would not be where they are today. As a consequence of the learnings I made and actions I took after the various workshops and sessions attended, my Google ranking has gone from at best around page 3 to usually top 3 listings on page one if not number one. That's incredible! And it has made a massive difference to my business because I've gone from disproportionately spending time and budget on social media advertising to look for clients who may want my services to organically gaining client who already want my services via Google searches. That is utterly priceless and I cannot thank the team enough for delivering tangible, applicable advice and tips. Sara Brown from Rocking Horse Photoraphy.

Sara Brown Rocking Horse Photography

I would highly recommend POW. It's a friendly way of building on knowledge and learning new skills. It's also nice to meet other local businesses and know that you aren't alone in a technology driven world that maybe a little daunting. I've been using social media for years, but I now have the confidence to promote, build and develop my business on this format too. 

Tricia Cox Hotties Vintage
Very professional, informative and easy to understand. I now feel much more confident about how I can use Facebook and Instagram to promote and grow my business. POW staff were incredibly knowledgable and professional and I hope to do more with them. Would highly recommend to others!
Malcolm Gilbert MSG Engineering

POW are absolutely excellent. They are helpful, friendly and know their stuff. This means they put you at ease very quickly, build a trusting relationship and share knowledge efficiently. I really hope they continue to provide the support they do - they cater for all levels and are so engaging the time flew by. 

Avni Gohil  A Very Nice Idea

POW really help you to grow your business by putting you onto the right track. Thanks for being there!

Amena Haque Haque and Hausmann

Youth Ambassadors

In addition to the mentors, we are indebted to many community-minded folk who pitched in and helped make POW Whitechapel a lot of fun and a lot more effective.

A huge thanks to our Youth Ambassadors Maud and Megan who helped organise our networking event. They were responsible for bringing equipment, greeting guests, managing the guest list, explaining the order of play, and taking feedback. On two occasions, a work experience student accompanied our representative and got a chance to meet local businesses.

Thank you owner Nidhi at Melt who hosted our Meeup and provided delicious food and drink for our local businesses and local digital mentors. Thank you also to the Idea Store Whitechapel who provided their beautiful conference room for our workshops at no cost.

The Organisers

From left, Tabitha Stapely and Ioana Dragomir

POW Digital Camp is the brought to you by Social Streets, a not-for-profit digital media agency working to increase participation in high streets and local community.

The POW team includes founder of Social Streets Tabitha Stapely and Digital Mums trained social media strategist Ioana Dragomir. Stapely - aka Ms Search - specialises in digital content, content strategy, copywriting and SEO. Dragomir - aka Ms Social - specialises in social media strategy and management.


POW Digital Camp Whitechapel  was delivered by Social Streets and funded by London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

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Your high street

Would your high street benefit from a digital marketing boost? Each high street is unique and we are keen and eager to learn how POW can be adapted to work in different ways, so we would love to hear from you. It doesn't cost to talk!