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The Businesses

POW Digital Camp team had the pleasure of working with the independent shop owners and market traders of East London's famous Roman Road and its historic Roman Road Market. POW Roman Road provided one-to-one training and mentoring sessions to nearly 100 shops and market traders and provide four hours of free mentoring to fifteen local businesses via our Digital Mentoring Programme. Our mission as ever, was to help small businesses on the high street get more out of digital marketing. Here are just some of the shops that took part:

The Mentors

Shhh...con't tell anyone but POW's secret weapon is its mentors. We make sure all the digital mentors taking part are local to the area. They bring a love and knowledge of the neighbourhood that inspires the confidence of local businesses. It also provides local businesses with a network of local digital experts to consult or commission when they are ready to do so.

Fifteen local digital experts took part in POW. Between them they visited 58 local businesses in their shops; gave 48 Social Media MOTS; led workshops for 20 businesses, and provided 52 hours of mentoring. 

The Workshop

Our evening of workshops was held at the local church and 14 local businesses attended to listen to three local digital experts talking bout social media, branding and SEO.

The Clinic

POW Mentors visited 58 local businesses and delivered 48 Social Media MOTs, which ranged from creating Google for Business profiles to optimising social media accounts. Our #traderbanta campaign got everyone talking about Roman Road that day.

The Meetup

Thirteen businesses attended our 'meet the mentor' evening at Bacaro resulting in over 50 hours of free mentoring being offered to local businesses by local digital experts.


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POW has given me the skills and confidence I was lacking to relaunch my brand and engage with customers during a time of significant change in my business.

Neil Vening GKelly

Great initiative, throughly recommend it. Practical and very motivational.

Sally Ramsden Lama's Pyjamas
I have really enjoyed meeting up with local businesses, it has made me feel much more supported in my local community and created some fab opportunities x
Casey Stewart-Smith Revive Therapy

Thoroughly enjoyed meeting local people who are experts in areas I need help with.  Lots of advice and changes I have taken on board already, along with plans for more website changes in the new year.

Helen Smith SNAP Gift Store

This support has been amazing. I’ve learnt so much and I would totally recommend this project to any small local business and am very grateful that I have been lucky enough to receive the support from my POW mentor and be part of this project. 

Diane Laville Wag-a-Tail
POW really helped us to have a better understanding of social medias. Also, it was nice to meet up with other local business owners and share our various experiences. I wish we could have more events like that regularly.
Philippe Polleux Vinarius wine shop

The workshop was very helpful for both the mentoring we received and the connections we got with various digital expert that helped us shaping our digital strategy for our start-up business. I would also like to point out the importance of the strong link between local businesses and local digital experts.

Giuseppe Pollifrone Symposium deli

This was the most incredible week of content and support for kick starting my SEO efforts (from nowhere to page one on some medium tail search terms now) and teaching me about social media (50 new likes in a week).

Sara Brown Rocking Horse Photography

The POW team’s unstuffy enthusiasm was infectious and we are now more active on social media.  I think it’s a great scheme as it helps us independent retailers compete with the major players as we can be more fleet of foot than them. 

David Rosenburg Scootech

Incredibly helpful workshop. I’ve now optimised my website and I’m more digitally active and successful thanks to a structured way to plan, manage and create content for my social media.

Nadien Klages NKlages

Behind the scenes

In addition to the mentors, we are indebted to many community-minded folk who pitched in and helped make POW Roman Road a lot of fun and a lot more effective.

A huge thanks to our Youth Ambassadors Momotaj Begum, Anisha Rahman and Farzan Begum who took the project into their own hands with a Whatsapp group, came up with brilliant ideas for the #traderbanta campaign and stoically pounded the pavements with us. Thanks to their tutor Sylvia Brennan from Central Foundation School who arranged for the girls to take the time out from school.

Thank you to Karen Diss and the team at St Paul's Church who provided perfect accommodation and service for the Workshop evening; and thank you to Idea Store Bow who offered us a huge space for the POW Clinic at no cost. And a warm thanks to Chris and Marco at Roman Road's sublime Italian restaurant Bacaro for organising delicious catering and a convivial setting for our 'meet the mentor' Meetup.

Thank you to Nadia Wilkinson and Gavin Cambridge for being ace form collectors and all-round good peeps.

The Organisers

From left, Ioana Dragomir, Fiona Crehan and Tabitha Stapely

POW Digital Camp is the brought to you by Social Streets C.I.C, a not-for-profit digital content agency that grows online audiences for impact organisations. 

The POW team includes founder of Social Streets Tabitha Stapely and Digital Mums trained social media strategist Ioana Dragomir. Stapely - aka Ms Search - specialises in digital content, content strategy, copywriting and SEO. Dragomir - aka Ms Social - specialises in social media strategy and management.

And a huge thank you to the pioneering Fiona Crehan, High Street and Town Centre Manager for London Borough of Tower Hamlets, who understood the value of a community-led digital camp and had the courage to fund this pilot.


Pow Roman Road was commissioned by community development organisation Roman Road Trust C.I.C, organised by Social Streets C.I.C, and generously funded by London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

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Your high street

Would your high street benefit from a digital marketing boost? Each high street is unique and we are keen and eager to learn how POW can be adapted to work in different ways, so we would love to hear from you. It doesn't cost to talk!