Become a mentor

Become a local digital mentor

The role

1. Hello: Have a drink with us and meet the other volunteer mentors

2. Induction: Attend our two-hour induction session to familiarise yourself with our strategy for Clinic Day

3. Clinic: Offer a day of your time to visit local businesses and provide one-on-one digital marketing MOT sessions

4. Meetup: Attend our glamorous networking Meetup evening at the end of the camp. Think of it as speed networking: you'll have a few minuts to pitch one-on-one to all the business owners attending the event

5. Mentoring: Offer four hours of your spare time to mentor a local business over the two months following the camp

The perks

★ Get face-to-face time with potential new clients

★ Meet other local digital experts and collaborate

★ Join the POW Digital Camp Alumni group and continue to get word-of-mouth business

★ Free marketing: promotion via our social media platforms and inclusion in our Digital Mentor Pack for local businesses

★ Boost your Linkedin profile with volunteer work and testimonials from us

★ Get the feel good factor from having helped improve your neighbourhood



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Lucie Chiocchetti Bonjour Lucie

As someone who works for herself, and is still learning everyday what it is to be your own boss and have many hats to wear everyday, it's been a sincere pleasure to be able to give a bit back to the community  by helping out another business owner with offering mentoring through POW. I'm willing to do it again and get more involved next time!

Sabina Muller on-Idle

Great initiative. I was surprised to see how many other people work in the digital sector in Tower Hamlets. There was an inclusive passionate atmosphere at the meetings.

Louis Coiffait Freelance

As a stereotypical 'young professional' who's not from London but has a very nice life here, it could be easy for me not to really engage, support, or learn from - the wider community around me. This was a great opportunity to do that, where I had something to offer, and felt I could contribute.

Janna Brom Velodonista

POW digital camp not only helped me meet and be part of the local community, which is so rare in London,  but it opened doors to new opportunities and work right on my doorstep. I couldn't be more thankful for being part of the team of mentors, it has been a very valuable life experience and I loved every minute of it!

Sarah Richards Olive Road

POW digital camp was great fun. I got to meet more people in my community, share what I had learnt from setting up my business and also learn from others. The digital landscape changes constantly and it is useful to share our experiences with each other.

Lucy Foster Green Gold Coral

Simple, effective and a really great way to meet people in my local community - I'm very pleased I took part!

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