High street managers

High Street Managers

Are you a high street manager interested in increasing footfall to the high street and boosting the local economy?

POW Digital Camp is a pioneering community-led digital skills camp, designed to bring vital digital skills to high streets and businesses in most need, that will guarantee high participation, empower local businesses and boost the local economy.

The camp starts with a face-to-face survey of all local businesses on the high street to establish what  level of digital skills workshops they need, as well as the best time and place to deliver them. We use local champions to engage minority groups. This means you can be confident that POW is tailored to the specific needs of each high street and that participation will be high.

POW delivers drop-in digital clinics that run all day at convenient high street locations led by experts. Our roving mentors and Youth Ambassadors visit local businesses at their premises giving free Social Media MOTs. The Social Media MOTs will assess how visible each business is on line and how they can improve their visibility, along with optimisation of their existing social platforms. Our event publicity, face-to-face invitations and familiar environments guarantee highest participation possible.

POW has developed a set of workshops that deliver workshops and training that has been designed specifically for high street and retail businesses. We offer different levels of workshops to cater for beginner and intermediate users. The workshops are delivered at a time and location to suit them to guarantee highest possible participation and impact.


Unique selling points

★ Reaches all parts of the community

★ Tackles digital phobias in high streets with low digital profile

★ Ensures maximum participation with time & venue to suit participants

★ Provides digital skills sessions tailored to spectrum of individual needs

★ Uses peer-to-peer learning for community empowerment

★ Seeds mentoring partnerships within the community for future growth

★ Connects local businesses with local digital resources

Benefits for high street managers

★ Understand digital landscape and needs of specific high street

★ Empower businesses to market themselves

★ Build positive relationships with local businesses

★ Train and give opportunity to local youth volunteers

★ Ensure high participation level with personal approach

★ Target different skill levels 

★ Provide a service that is inclusive and community-led

★ Be part of a pioneering method of delivering digital skills

★ Create a digital buzz on each high street

★ Leave a legacy of partnerships and mentors