Are you a local business interested in free and convenient digital marketing training delivered to the heart of your high street?

We know how hard it is for small high street shop owners like you to make room for digital marketing. We all know we need to do it, but finding the time and the head space to do it is another thing altogether. In fact, you've done well to get this far. Give yourself a pat on the back, and an extra slice of cake why not!

No headspace?

Like many small  businesses and sole traders, shop owners have to wear different hats and be good at a wide range of different skills: bookkeeping, customer service, styling, purchasing, sales, DIY... How can one person be expected to be an expert in all these things. And if you're wondering what digital marketing means exactly, don't be afraid to ask us (we're talking social media, website and website content such as blogs, search engine optimisation, e-commerce, mailing lists and free online business tools like Google for Business).

No time?

On top of that, shop keepers have an additional pressure. Not only do they have to be a master of all trades, but they have even less time than other small businesses because they are serving customers all day. That means they have often have to catch up with business essentials during evenings and weekends. Sometimes, that won't change for a while and the minimum digital marketing will have to do. We can tell you what you can afford to cut out, and what would serve you best to do. And we know all about the best efficiency tools, hacks, cheats and work-arounds.

No budget?

Like all small and micro businesses, budgets for digital marketing are small. Teeny tiny. Maybe even non-existant for a while. That's understandable. If you've got a small budget and aren't sure what type and level of digital marketing best suits your business, we understand the reluctance to part with hard-earned cash. That's why POW concentrates on answering those questions that are preventing businesses from investing in digital marketing. We will give you the tools - knowledge and contacts - to know enough so that you have the confidence to commission the right digital marketing when the time comes, or to do it yourself.

Benefits of POW

★ It's free - we arrange funding so that you can benefit from this for free or nearly nothing

★ It's inclusive - we don't mind if you don't anything about digital marketing

★ It's specialist - we are specialists in high street digital marketing

★ It's close - we bring the workshops, mentors and sesssions to you

★ It's convenient - we hold the events at times that suit retail schedules, even if that's in the evening

★ It's empowering - we put you in touch with local digital experts so you know where to go for help after the camp

★ It's practical - we will do things for you if you would rather outsource than learn to do it yourself

★ It's fun - we help you get to know other local businesses in a social environment

★ It's effective - our testimonials speak for themselves

POW Digital Camp format


The Clinic

An all-day drop-in clinic with no need to signup. Just turn up for a free session and speak to our experts in social media, e-commerce and websites. Or ask a POW! Ambassadors to visit you in your shop for a Social Media MOT.

The Workshop

Tell us what you need most and we'll organise it. Time saving tools to streamline and automate your digital marketing? One-off setup of geolocation data so you get found? Workshops are held at a convenient high street and are videoed and avaiable as webinars for those who can't attend.

The Meetup

Meet the local digital experts in your neighbourhood, find out about their services and rates in an informal situation and join our Digital Mentorship Programme that offers one-on-one sessions with experts in SEO, social media and blogging.